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Have you always been the “technology expert” in your family? The one who patiently figures out why something isn’t working when everyone else has given up? Do you have a head for numbers, strong analytical skills, and endless patience? If the answer to all those questions is a resounding “yes,” you may be the perfect candidate for Buffalo State's Computer Information Systems (CIS) program.

What Is Computer Information Systems?

Design and Develop

Computer information systems (CIS) studies the use of software, hardware, data, networks, and the internet to design and develop information technology systems.

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Computer information systems (CIS) is a rapidly growing field that enables graduates to design, develop, and manage information technology systems. Many CIS graduates work with companies' IT systems, analyzing issues and ensuring all programs are kept up to date and working well. 

CIS Career Options


Students take classes in computer science, numerical analysis, software, hardware, and computer technology. These classes equip students with strong computer skills and teach them to perform complex analytical tasks. 

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Real World Experience

Students in the CIS Department complete hands-on research as part of their studies and learn how to apply current computer technology to real-world business problems. The demand for individuals with current technical skills and the ability to apply them increases daily. Our students also have the opportunity to gain experience in their major as interns, teaching assistants, or as on-campus student workers.

Information for Students

In the Community

CS4HS: Computer Science for High School

CS4HS Brings high school math and science faculty together with computer science educators and professionals to learn how to integrate principles of computing into the classroom and engage their students with computing concepts, helping students to learn about computer science and its opportunities.

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